Office Supplies and Its Important Role in Keeping Office Productivity


When it all boils down to it, sometimes it’s not the big gestures that matter most in ensuring the success of a business, but rather the little things and details that affect the staff at the grassroots level. Having an ideal workplace environment can be a hard sell.

Between having limited space and resources to having to deal with all sorts of different personalities and characters, it can easily get hectic and stressful. At the micro level, however, there are simple things that office administrators can do to help keep the staff working efficiently despite the odds and circumstances. Read more from this blog:


Safe Working Environment: 3 Janitorial Supplies Your Office Needs Now


As an employer, you are obligated to create a safe working environment for yourself and all your employees. Fortunately, there are many governing bodies, such as OSHA, that help employers and their employees develop habits and processes that keep them safe.

Of course, there are other seemingly “minor” steps you can take that have a significant impact on the health and safety of everyone in your St. Louis office. The next time you need to make a run for janitorial supplies, try prioritizing the following items: Read more from this blog.

The Safety Supplies that Every Business Needs

Safety in the workplace should be the number one concern of any facilities manager. Providing your employees with high quality and dependable safety equipment is going to boost their confidence and trust in you, and create a safer workplace. The type of work you do will dictate the type of safety supplies that you need, however, there are some things that all businesses should have at their disposal, just in case.


Liquid spills and loose fluids are a common problem, particularly in certain kinds of businesses such as those in the food service industry. However, they’re something many people have to deal with on occasion in their workplace. It’s no fun for anyone to put on a pair of gloves and try to clean up a spill with their hands and a sponge. By having the correct absorbents and tools, you will be ensuring that your staff can immediately clear spills safely. Read more from this blog

How to Use Matting and Cleaning to Prevent Disease

In most commercial spaces, particularly those where customers or patients frequently come and go, there is a risk that germs and bacteria will thrive in communal areas. This puts staff and other visitors at risk. It’s the facility’s responsibility to manage these risks and clean areas as effectively as possible. But where do bacteria congregate? And how can businesses protect those who work in public spaces?

The Most Common Places Bacteria Are Found

There are several places which germs will most commonly grow and thrive in. Firstly, the floor of a commercial space is likely to harbor bacteria as people walk around in their shoes which have been exposed to dirty and unsanitary conditions. These germs can then spread to the air, which is when people are at most risk of catching a disease or infection. Read more from this blog

Stocking Up on Office Supplies and Other Tips for Office Productivity


Sometimes, unproductivity is not necessarily because of laziness or lack of action items. Because of this, it’s advisable to give your staff regular breaks. You see, there is such a thing as micro-burnouts, which can easily balloon into one huge burnout later on.

With company-promoted healthy breaks, staff are allowed to relax even for just a bit. Those working in the creatives can use the break to reset get a fresh perspective on their ideas. Those dealing with documents can give it a more efficient review with fresher eyes, and those who are doing physical labor can regain their energy by taking quick snacks. Stock up on foodservice supplies from St. Louis and give your employees a much needed pick-me-up. Read more from this blog:

The Importance of Investing in Janitorial Supplies for Your Company


When it comes to promoting productivity at work, the ambiance and atmosphere has got a lot to do with it. Experienced company owners and managers know all too well that these can drastically affect how efficient and alert the staff would be on a daily basis.

Beyond the productivity, there have also been studies pointing to the correlation between the way a workplace is set up and the overall health of the staff. For example, the way the layout of the office can help prevent the rise of obesity in the office.

Prohibiting snacking at the workstations and having the pantry away from the main work floor will compel snackers to get up from their seats and walk to the pantry and vice-versa. It’s not much, but at least they are able to get up and move. In the same vein, not accommodating a smoking area within the office vicinity can force smokers to cut back on their smoking if only for the reason that going to the smoking area is going to be too much of a hassle.

On a more practical level, ensuring the cleanliness of the office space does not only directly affect the staff’s health, but also their diligence at work. Thus you need to keep sufficient levels of janitorial supplies in St. Louis at all times so cleaning staff can do their jobs properly. Read more from this blog:

Keep Your Catering Business on Track with Office Supplies in St Louis

If you own a catering business in St. Louis, you know the importance of having an abundance of kitchen supplies. They’re integral to your business model, but you may not have considered that in addition to foodservice supplies in St. Louis, you’ll need office supplies, too.

Read more from this blog.

Things to Consider when Using Packaging Supplies for Your Business

Has this ever happened to you? A customer excitedly orders something online and patiently awaits its arrival, only for him to find that the item was damaged during shipping. Maybe it got soaked somewhere along the way, or perhaps the box it came in was squished in the mail.

Either way, the customer can’t use the item anymore, leaving him unhappy and dissatisfied. On a larger scale, the same thing can happen to stores and distributors expecting shipments from manufacturers as well.

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Well-Stocked Safety Supplies Are Good for Businesses’ Bottom Lines

If you could boost employee morale, save money, and improve productivity, would you? Of course, any business owner will answer yes. However, not all businesses understand just how big the impact of safety supplies can be.

What the Numbers Say

Every year, businesses lose around $170 billion on occupational illnesses and injuries. These expenses take a huge bite straight out of business profits. The great news is that workplaces and offices that observe proper health management, establish effective safety systems, and keep ample and correct safety supplies on hand can reduce their illness and injury costs by as much as 40%. Read more on this article.

Safeguard Safety and Profits by Investing in Quality Floor Matting

No matter what type of facility, building, or business you manage, floor matting is a vital part of keeping your place clean and safe for everyone. Floor matting defends your workplace against debris, soil, and contaminants. In addition, they also protect everyone who comes through that place—whether employees, visitors, or customers—by reducing risks for slips and falls.

Investing in high-quality floor matting is a smart move for anyone looking to increase their profits, reduce accidents, and create a welcoming and safe space.

Protect Your Profits with Floor Matting

The National Safety Council estimates that around 25,000 slip and fall accidents occur daily. In fact, this type of accident is second only to road accidents when it comes to frequency. If one happens in your facility, you might be liable for paying compensation and other costs straight out of your profits. Read more from this blog.