Keep Your Catering Business on Track with Office Supplies in St Louis

If you own a catering business in St. Louis, you know the importance of having an abundance of kitchen supplies. They’re integral to your business model, but you may not have considered that in addition to foodservice supplies in St. Louis, you’ll need office supplies, too.

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Things to Consider when Using Packaging Supplies for Your Business

Has this ever happened to you? A customer excitedly orders something online and patiently awaits its arrival, only for him to find that the item was damaged during shipping. Maybe it got soaked somewhere along the way, or perhaps the box it came in was squished in the mail.

Either way, the customer can’t use the item anymore, leaving him unhappy and dissatisfied. On a larger scale, the same thing can happen to stores and distributors expecting shipments from manufacturers as well.

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Well-Stocked Safety Supplies Are Good for Businesses’ Bottom Lines

If you could boost employee morale, save money, and improve productivity, would you? Of course, any business owner will answer yes. However, not all businesses understand just how big the impact of safety supplies can be.

What the Numbers Say

Every year, businesses lose around $170 billion on occupational illnesses and injuries. These expenses take a huge bite straight out of business profits. The great news is that workplaces and offices that observe proper health management, establish effective safety systems, and keep ample and correct safety supplies on hand can reduce their illness and injury costs by as much as 40%. Read more on this article.