Office Supplies: Five Tips for a More Organized Workspace

Clean desks and an organized workspace go a long way toward maximizing productivity in your St. Louis office. If you’re having productivity problems in your office, it may be time to look at your organizational patterns. Incorporate these tips into your office to stay organized and boost productivity.

Purging the desktop

For many employees, having a clutter-free desktop improves their productivity. Take time to declutter your office, storage spaces, breakrooms and other areas to increase efficiency.


Janitorial Supplies, Matting and More: How to Maintain a Marble Floor

Marble is one of the most beautiful flooring materials that you can have in an office. It’s also one of the most meticulous to maintain. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep it looking pristine and elegant for a very long time. Here’s how to keep it looking good:

To keep it shiny:

Use a dry, clean dust mop to wipe your marble floor with short, gentle strokes and give it a quick shine. This will remove surface dirt left by foot traffic. Do this regularly to prevent grit and debris from building up on the floor. Any grit left on the marble surface for a long time will etch, causing the floor to lose its luster.