Office Supplies and Other Items Childcare Providers Must Have On-Hand

Childcare facilities that have the right office and foodservice supplies have safer, happier children in their care. Companies such as Dutch Hollow Supplies provide office supplies and many other things that the staff needs.

Why Dinnerware Matters

A growing number of childcare centers provide breakfast. Since most children will also be at their daycare centers during lunch, it is essential for staff to be able to serve everyone quickly. Disposable dinnerware not only eliminates the problems associated with sanitation according to health standards but also requires less clean-up. Count on providers of foodservice supplies in St. Louis, such as Dutch Hollow Supplies, to offer many useful options.


Quality Janitorial Products Promote Office Cleanliness and Safety

Most businesses today can attribute their success in part to the overall cleanliness and safety of their stores or office spaces. When owners invest in high-quality janitorial supplies, customers are more likely to return and spend money at those businesses. Follow these common sense approaches to ensure that you are getting products that will benefit your customers, your premises and your business.

Cleaning Supplies and Floor Matting

Janitorial supplies include a wide variety of items. Most people assume that these supplies are limited to window cleaners and toilet scrubbers. However, they actually include other supplies like napkins, coffee filters, floor mats, and much more. As with shopping for products for their own homes, business owners should consider the quality of the items that they want for their businesses. They should determine if the products are well made and safe to use around the public.

Office and Safety Supplies for the Workplace

Your people are your biggest asset as an employer. If a worker gets hurt, he or she could miss many weeks or months trying to recover, and that person may not be able to perform at pre-accident levels upon his or her return. Therefore, it is important that they have the proper protective gear, equipment, and safety supplies needed to do their jobs in a safe and effective manner.

Protective Head Gear

It doesn’t take much to cause a significant head injury. A falling piece of metal at a construction site or a single blow to the head from a machine that was not operated properly could cause a long-term or permanent injury. Furthermore, consistent exposure to loud noises could cause permanent hearing loss in 10 years or less. Employers can keep their workers’ ears and skulls safe by providing hard hats and earplugs when they are in dangerous work spaces.

Matting and Buffers Help Keep Your Building Clean and Safe for All

Your number one priority as a building owner is to keep your property safe and clean at all times. An unkempt and dirty facility will not only send the wrong message to clients and customers but could also lead to accidents and injuries.
In keeping your facilities clean, one of the factors to account for is the weather. For example, whenever it rains, those who enter the building could have mud on their shoes that can easily spread throughout the building. During the winter months, employees and visitors could spread slush or snow that can cause wet, slippery floors. Proper matting can help keep floors clean and everyone in the building on their feet.