Companies can Save on Office Supplies in St. Louis by Spending Wisely

St. Louis office managers are no strangers to headaches and stress every time their employees run out of basic office supplies. With a little forward thinking, this can be avoided altogether. Save Business & Finance shares some tips on its site for cutting down expenses for office supplies.

Ordering online is one way to cut down on office supply expenses. Many businesses that offer St. Louis office supplies, such as Dutch Hollow Supplies, offer free shipping for orders totaling a specified amount. The best part about ordering online is that employees needn’t take time off to drive down to the store and back.


Top Distributor of Janitorial Supplies in St. Louis Revamps Website

As a leading distributor of janitorial supplies in St. Louis, Dutch Hollow Supplies is founded on more than 30 years of commitment to providing unmatched customer service. The company has revamped its website to make the shopping experience easier, faster and more convenient for its customers in Belleville, Southern Illinois, and Southeast Missouri.

The renovated website features a sleek and user-friendly design that allows customers to create their own accounts to keep track of their purchases. It also contains detailed information on the wide variety of supplies that the company offers, making it a breeze to track down and pinpoint everything you need. It also has a Featured Products section that highlights great offerings, as well as a page dedicated to the suppliers behind the company so you know you’re getting top-quality products from leading manufacturers.